Tora Hultgreen
Tlf. 79 02 64 94

Tora Hultgreen has a doctorate in Arctic archeology from the University of Tromsø. Her specialty is the Russian hunting period in Svalbard. Since 2007 Tora has been director of Svalbard Museum. She has participated in excavations and records of archaeological heritage on Svalbard since 1992. From 2010 member of “Skeleton Committee”, a selection of “The National Research Ethics Committee for social sciences and humanities.” From 2016 member of the board of the Norwegian Museums Association.

Herdis Lien
Tlf. 79 02 64 96

Cand.philol majoring in ethnomusicology from the University of Bergen. Also history, design and pedagogy in the curriculum.
Coming from Møsstrond in upper Telemark.
Started working in Svalbard Museum in 2004, and has historic photos and trapper history as her specialty. Head of the dissemination section of the museum and is responsible for the photo collection.

Sander Solnes
Tlf. 79 02 64 95

Educated curator NKF-N from Curator School at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. He has been at the Svalbard Museum’s magazine since 2005, and is responsible for object collection and head of conservation and cataloging of Svalbard Museum.

Project employee and Technician
Erlend Jensen Sandvoll
Tlf. 79 02 64 89

Erlend is operator in chemical / technical industry.
He is from Vidrek in Narvik municipality. Erlend is working on cataloging the artifacts in the museum’s collection as well as maintenance of the exhibition. He began working in the Svalbard Museum in April 2015.

Aeo Fredheim

Aeo comes from Thailand and has lived in Longyearbyen since 2000.
She has full responsibility for cleaning the exhibition at Svalbard Museum, and she also has a 50% position as a cleaner at Longyearbyen Hospital

Foto av Arkeolog Mikael Amadeus Bjerkestrand

Mikael Amadeus Bjerkestrand

Bachelor of Archeology.
Mikael is working on handling, cataloging, storing and preserving items.

Katja Eklund

Bachelor in archeology and conservation.
Originally from Germany.
Katja has worked in Svalbard Museum since 2010, and here she is responsible for handling, cataloging, reservoirs and preservation of artifacts.

Bilde av Kontormedarbeider Hanna Halvarsson

Office Worker
Hanna Halvarsson
Tlf: 79026492

Bachelor of Marine Ecology.
Hanna has worked at Svalbard Museum since 2016.
She is working on administration and at the counter.

Foto av Prosjektleder Bente Rønning. Bente jobber med forprosjekt nasjonalparksenter på Svalbard

Project leader
Bente Rønning
Tlf. 79 02 64 97

Bente holds a master’s degree in geography from NTNU in Trondheim.
For the last 8 years she has worked in the Environmental Directorate with coordination of the visitor center for the national parks and with value creation project.
She is engaged for one year to work with preproject National Park Center in Svalbard.