Svalbard museum in cooperation with ArcticAlpineDecayCULTCOAST og PCCH-Arctic invite to an open seminar about the preservation of cultural heritage at Svalbard.

The cultural heritage of Svalbard is unique and vulnerable. A milder, more wet climate will contribute to a quicker decay of cultural remains. The seminar is part of a workshop between three Norwegian research projects and is financed by Norges Forskningsråd via Svalbard Science Forum. 

Introduction by Svalbard museum Director Eystein Markusson
Challenges connected to the preservation and administration of cultural heritage, excamples from Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund. 

Open discussion and questions.

We hope for a good number of participants, questions and fruitful discussions on how the preservation and administration of cultural heritage in general and how this may contribute to a positive development of local societies. 

Wednesday September 14th, 6 pm (kl 1800), Lassegrotta. Free entrance. Welcome!