“Glaciers on the move” Exhibition opening Saturday October 5th at 2pm

Glaciers on the Move a project to bring the amazing world of surging glaciers to a broader audience.

Surging glaciers are glaciers that exhibit two very different phases: A longer dormant phase when the glacier is moving very slowly and builds mass. A shorter active phase, called surge, when the glacier move rapidly (many meters per day), increases its extent, loses mass and transform itself as well as the environment around it.The dramatic behavior of surging glaciers is an exciting, beautiful but potentially dangerous phenomenon that fascinates laymen and scientists alike. Home to the densest clusters of surging glaciers on Earth, Svalbard is the ideal place to investigate them and the secrets they are hiding.

Glaciers on the Move combines Art with Science to exhibit their beauty and dynamics while at the same time communicating the latest research results and raising the awareness for these enigmatic surging glaciers.


Welcome to the magical world of surging glaciers.