Svalbard Museum top level is the board. The board consists of 6 or 7 members, each with a personal deputy. The board and deputies is elected for 4 years. A membermay sit for as much as 8 years unless the majority of the board and and majority of the founders finds spesific reasons to overrule this decision.

Chairman: Håvar Fjerdingøy (Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani)
Deputy: Sveinung Lystrup Thesen. (Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani)

Board member: Harald Høgseth (Sysselmannen på Svalbard)
Deputy: Siri Hoem. (Sysselmannen på Svalbard)

Board member:Kristin Furu Grøtting (Longyearbyen lokalstyre)
Deputy: Espen Klungseth Rotevatn. (Longyearbyen lokalstyre)

Board member:Stine H Teigen (Longyearbyen lokalstyre)
Deputy: Torgeir Prytz.  (Longyearbyen lokalstyre)

Board member:: Kim Holmén (Norsk Polarinstitutt)
Deputy: Åshild Ø. Pedersen.  (Norsk Polarinstitutt)

Board member: Frank Nilsen (Universitetssenteret på Svalbard)
Deputy: Maria Jensen. (Universitetssenteret på Svalbard)

Board member Elected by Svalbard Museum employees: Mikael A. Bjerkestrand
Deputy: Sigrun Selboe

Observer from Sysselmannen Svalbard: Monika Serafinska