Svalbard Museum opened in 1979, and was until December 2005 located in the oldest part of Longyearbyen. Today you will find the museum in the Svalbard Science Center, reciding together with The University Centre in Svalbard, The Norwegian Polar Institute and The Governor of Svalbard’s environalmental information.

From Svalbard Museum’s magazine. Photo: Katja Eklund

Svalbard Museum wish to impart knowledge and understanding of the relations between nature, culture, landscape, human activity, technology and the environment in the Arctic. Another goal is to engage in research to throw light on ways of life and standard of living through 400 years of human activity in Svalbard.

Another important task is the coordination of all of the museum collections in Svalbard into a common record. This will provide easier access for all to the historical material and records.