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A changing world

Get engaged by Svalbard's exciting natural and cultural history!
In Svalbard Museum's new basic exhibition, history is presented in a comprehensible way, with lots to see and do!

  • Illustration showing a screen with swimming, prehistoric animals.

The exhibition has been given a completely new design, and the content has been thoroughly reviewed and edited. The storytelling is supplemented, both with text, images and objects that have not previously been exhibited. What is probably Svalbard's oldest standing building, the trapping station from Rekvika, has been moved into the museum. Interactive stations allow us to experience life in nature, before and now, above and below water. At the same time, the museum's soul has been preserved, to the delight of old and new visitors.
The world is changing, nothing stands still. It is especially clear in Svalbard – the last stop before the North Pole.

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Museum24:Portal - 2024.06.11
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