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Data protection, cookies and privacy

About us

Svalbard Museum is a Norwegian non-profit organisation based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. 

This privacy statement is for Svalbard Museum and describes our policy on how we handle information on our website. The privacy statement is not valid for other parties' website, nor when we link or refer to other parties' websites. Our policies are based on relevant Norwegian laws.

How we treat your information

Examples: If you send us an email your information (name, e-mailadress, topic) may be shared with relevant partners such as human resources, accounting, museum gift shop, or other parties if we see it fit to forward your mail. Your data may be stored with us for instance for billing purposes or other, if there is a purchase of goods and services. You may at any time contact us to have your information deleted from our systems. 


This website uses cookies to track your use of the site to improve our service, and to enable certain functions. A cookie is a file that when you visit our website the file/cookie is store in your browsers' internal memory. 

We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our website. We registrer information on what pages are being visited, where the users are located, when the site is visited, from which platforms and what units - etc. 

Sometimes we embed images or videos from other websites. This content will behave as if you were visiting those sites. External sites can collect information about you, use cookies, embed tracking systems from a third party, and monitor your actions using this embedded content. If you have an account with an external site that you are logged into while you view content embedded on our website, your actions will be tracked in the same manner as if you were viewing the content on the external site.

It is voluntary to give away information regarding this. If you decline the use of cookies, it will not affect your access to our website but might influence the user experience. You may at any time withdraw your concent to our use of cookies regarding you. Withdrawal of consent is done by following the instructions for deleting cookies in your browser. You should find information on this in the «help/support» section in the browser. It will not affect access to our webpage but may influence the user experience. Search word: how to «anonymizeIP».

Svalbard Museum uses the information gathered by Google Analytics to improve our website. 

Social media: We use the Meta for Business platform for Facebook and Instagram. Based on your user behavior Meta will collect information on your behavior, age, sex and interests. Facebook pixels are in use to measure and optimize campaigns. Meta might sell this information via targeted marketing. We receive statistics from Meta. For more information, go to Meta and their privacy statement. We use third-party solutions for sharing of content on social medias. We may also use the opportunity to share videos from YouTube. 

As administrator of our social media platforms, we will receive anonymized information: statistics, who are our users related to age, sex, interests, demography. The statistics are made by Meta. For more information on this, go to Meta and their privacy statement.

Your rights

If you feel that Svalbard Museum has violated your rights, you may complain to the relevant Norwegian authority. Please forward your complaint to Datatilsynet:  https://www.datatilsynet.no/en/about-us/contact-us/how-to-complain-to-the-norwegian-dpa/

Contact information

Our digital platforms are important arenas for us, both for digital exhibitions, as supplement to our physical exhibition and for various dissemination and communication with visitors and partners. 

If you wish to report errors, suggestions for improvement or other to us, we appreciate if you send us an e-mail at post@svalbardmuseum.no 

If you have questions about our use of cookies or data protection, please contact us at e-mail post@svalbardmuseum.no

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