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Tourist information

There are three main seasons in Svalbard. Whichever you choose, the season and experiences are unique.

Longyearbyen and Svalbard offer cultural experiences and festivals all through the year. 

In the museum we share our knowledge on Svalbard nature and cultural history. You will meet many of the animals and plants that live the tundra and along the ice edge. Open every day.  

We also recommend a visit to the North Pole Museum where you may dive deep into North Pole expeditions, and to Nordover. This is the world's northernmost art gallery. Do not miss the permanent exhibition of Kaare Tveter at Nordover. 

Sites of cultural heritage are also accessible in the outdoors in and around Longyearbyen. A "byrunde" (town walk) by foot will lead you to several of these. Read the signposts ("Signs of Svalbard") along the way and get acquainted with our cultural heritage. 

For guided tours, accommodation, activities and much more - please go to Visit Svalbard

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