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We wish to contribute to a sustainable society with regards to nature and cultural heritage, on an organizational level and in regards to what we can do as part of our community.

We are working at it

In addition to collect, preserve and disseminate nature and cultural history, we at Svalbard Museum are trying to contribute to a more sustainable community. We disseminate knowledge on Svalbard and the Arctic, we create workplaces and the museum is an important partner for institutions that are working with "Arctic knowledge". 

We are dedicated to work on an organizational level through the eco-certicate "Eco lighthouse". Svalbard Museum earned the first certificate on May 18th, 2017. 

We are proud to be a partner in Longyearbyen community's work for sustainability through "Sustainable Destination". The certificate is a proof that the destination, with it's many partners, are working systematically for a more sustainable development regarding tourism. 

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