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About the photo collection

Svalbard Museum’s digital photo archive is comprised of over 28 000 digital images. We are constantly receiving additional photos and work continuously to digitise and publish them. The images show a wide range of themes – nature, animals, people at work and play – and cover the period from the end of the 19th century to more recent times.

All the images in the archive have been given to – or in a few cases purchased by – Svalbard Museum. They are made available for personal use, and for teaching and research purposes. Those who wish to use them for any other purpose are personally responsible for ensuring that the images are used in accordance with current regulations about intellectual property and publication. We usually do not charge anything for copies for private use, but may on occasion charge a fee for access to high-resolution files, and images intended for commercial use.

For many of the images, our information is incomplete. But maybe you know where a certain picture was taken, or the name of that unknown person? Tell us what you know about the photo! We will investigate and perhaps your information will be posted online. Use the feedback function in the archive or send an email to: kontor@svalbardmuseum.no.

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