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20 years of local democracy in Longyearbyen

2022 marked the 20th anniversary of Longyearbyen’s local council. Svalbard Museum celebrates this, in collaboration with the local school with an exhibition about the local democracy’s history, and present condition.

The exhibition deals with the road to local democracy, important subjects from the last 20 years, and questions concerning the contemporary political landscape of Longyearbyen.

The exhibition was made in collaboration with journalist and author Line Nagell Ylvisåker, and designer Ragnhild Utne. In spring of 2022, students from Longyearbyen high school participated in the research contest Holbergprisen I Skolen. Texts from the contest, and interviews of some of the participating students can be found in the exhibition.

The exhibtion is available until August this year. 

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    Ragnhild Utne / Svalbard Museum